Breed Standards

  • Average height is 16hh(hands high). One hand is 4 inches. So on average they are 64 inches tall. 

     Coloring is usually brown,black or chestnut ,sometimes grey,with white markings on face and legs.There are also coloured Thoroughbreds. These Thoroughbreds are usually brown and white colouring that are meshed together.
  • Bred to race over 1-1.5 miles
  • They are inbred that every horse can be traced back to the 3 stallions. This means that all Thoroughbreds are related.
  • They are considered a light horse breed. Which means they are a thinner type of horse.
  • Generally weigh under 1,500lbs. If the horse becomes larger than 1,500 lbs than it is classed as overweight and should not be that large.
  • Bred for mainly Racing but  now they are bred for Show Jumping ,Dressage,Combined Training and Eventing are also other disciplines they can do. Usually these thorughbreds that are bred for the other disciplines are usally mixed with another horse. So half breds such as Thoroughbred/ Hannovarian cross, Thoroughbred / draft cross or Thoroughbred/ Warmblood cross. These new breedings are the ideal breed for showing as they have the stamina but not the hyperness from a pure Thoroughbred.

Body featrures:

      tiny head

    • slim bodies
    • strong chest and fairly short back