Interesting Facts about Thoroughbreds

  • Over 55,000 foals were registered in 2009
  • They have been known to be very couragous
  • All are physically tested to be the utmost in racing
  • They are the horse of choice in  "jocky " racing
  • They have influences on other breeds like the American Stardardbred
  • Begin their training as yearlings
  • There average lifespan is 25-35 years
  • One tenth suffer from orthropedic problems such as fractures
  • All thoroughbreds have an official birthday of January 1st no matter when they are born. This is why the owners want their horses born around December 31 or the begining of January to allow the time for the horse to mature.
  • Cannot be registered as a Thoroughbred unless conceived by live cover. This means the baby must have been created by live breeding not artificial. This can be very demanding on the stallion and very dangerous for the mare. This creates breeding to b very expensive.