Medical Issues

  • Most end up with foot and legs issues due to their narrow feet (club feet)
  • Racers may encounter strained legs and soreness
  • If they are, they will show signs of unwillingness,and mood changes when you ask them to work.
  • They have a very high rate of getting bowed tendons and splints due to the amount of pressure and strain put on their legs from the intense training.
  • Race horses have very high accident rates due to the competition of the racing
  • They are prone to constipation, bleeding lungs,low fertility and due to their small heart they are at a higher risk of having heart attacks

Required Care

  • Daily care of hooves
  • Maintainging healthy teeth,joints, regular worming,and regular vaccines
  • Must have tack that fits there long narrow bodies
  • Need to be housed properly (shelters or stalls)
  • They have a fast metabolism ,therefore require more feed