• Training the horse to race can be daunting. This is usually done by a professional who have many years of experience.
  • First you have to allow your horse to run free as much as possible (this will build up their confidence)
  • Ride for a minimum of 3 miles,but only every third day.(this will allow them to slowly build up muscle)
  • Equine massage is a good way to also help build up muscle by releasing the pressure of the lactic acid.
  • Introduce him to the race track once he is two years old. This is usually when they start to race them and see if their winners. If the horse does not have to protential then it becomes for sale. Race horse owners will not waste their money on a horse that can not run. This creates a lot of thoroughbreds being bred and then for sale.
  • Although it can be scary to train them to run at full speeds, not all thoroughbreds have what it takes to race. This is where they are sold for a really cheap price to a good home.